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2014.02.14 : Springy! Simple Chinese steamed rice

I need stuff to make for dinner and then bento for the week so I can Adult properly and this one looked super easy and super yummy so let’s try it!

2015.04.17: Sesame, Miso, and Ponzu Bacon and Cabbage Stir Fry

Maa-kun made this on (technically today’s) One Dish and it just looked so yummy I had to translate it and make it for lunch. Maa-kun says this would go well with some white rice, and also that this sauce will work well on just about any kind of meat.

2013.07.05 : Kimchi and goya Okinawan stir fry

In case you weren’t aware,  I have more than a bit of a thing for Maa-kun cooking Korean food. The most important thing in all these recipes is to make sure you get some good, real Korean kimchi; none of this kimuchi nonsense. The bitterness of the goya and the spiciness of the kimchi are…

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