One Dish

Cooking With Idols

2015.08.21 : Agedashi tofu in a shrimp and Chinese chive sauce

Well hello there! Long time, no cook. Mega food aversions plus severe nausea and exhaustion have made it impossible for me to cook for a while, but now I’m back with another delicious-looking take on a standard.

2014.02.14 : Springy! Simple Chinese steamed rice

I need stuff to make for dinner and then bento for the week so I can Adult properly and this one looked super easy and super yummy so let’s try it!

2013.07.26 : Garlic shrimp

I love this one a lot. I had to make it without white wine the first time because I was in Beijing and couldn’t find any cheap ones, but even without it, it was yummy (but it’s more amazing with it).

2012.05.25 : Seafood and fava beans in fresh cream pasta

True fact: I never ate scallops before I made this dish. Thank god they’re delicious and delicious in this pasta.