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Cooking With Idols

2014.07.11: Pork fried with ginger, butter, and ponzu

I need something to make with this pork I have and this looks yummy. Maa-kun says it’s kind of a different take on regular shogayaki (and also not like the shogayaki he used to eat as a kid at home, which usually used lettuce and pork back ribs).

2014.02.14 : Springy! Simple Chinese steamed rice

I need stuff to make for dinner and then bento for the week so I can Adult properly and this one looked super easy and super yummy so let’s try it!

2013.11.08: Broccoli Shumai

This recipe is just so cute and such an interesting take on shumai I have to try making it.

2014.01.31 : Spicy pork spare ribs and kimchi

I will never ever get tired of this man cooking Korean food, or talking about how much he’s come to love kimchi. One of us! One of us!

2012.11.02 : Bari bari fried pork and lotus root

The lotus root gives this a really interesting taste, and the pork shoulder is just pure deliciousness.