One Dish

Cooking With Idols

2013.11.08: Broccoli Shumai

This recipe is just so cute and such an interesting take on shumai I have to try making it.

2014.06.20: Buffalo Chicken

Maa-kun loves chicken wings and so do I!

2013.11.15 : Yakitori-don

This is one that takes for-fucking-ever to prepare but that’s so goddamn delicious. It definitely works both as a main dish but could totally just be some pre-meal munchies (that’s the inherent beauty of izakaya food).

2013.11.01 : Springy chŏn/chijimi (Korean pancake) with lotus root

This is definitely a different take on chŏn than I’m used to, but it turns out pretty well.

2013.06.14 : Pork and ginger spring rolls

This is another one that could go either as a main dish or an appetizer if you and/or your guests are super hungry. They take time to assemble but they’re really good.

2012.10.19 : Bacon skewers

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try bacon. These are a super easy one to make and that are, by virtue of being bacon-based, also fucking delicious.