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2013.06.07 : Unique dry curry with melted cheese

I love a good curry, and this is a good curry, especially when you’re tired of other kinds of curry. What a difference melted cheese makes.

2013.05.31 : Fava bean mabodofu

I’ll be honest: I’m not a huge fan of the fava beans in this; I’m just here for the mabodofu recipe. I had some life-changing mabodofu once and craved it for about two years after that. I’ve never had any that good before and probably never will again (unless I make my way back out…

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2013.04.19 : Mentsuyu-flavoured German potatoes

I love this one for nights when I’m just feeling kind of lazy and want something that tastes like home but aren’t the same tired potatoes I’ve been eating my whole life.

2013.04.12 : Grilled cabbage rolls

These take a bit of time to make, but they’re really great, especially if you were to take them with you for like, lunch or something. They’re also really great for hot summer nights or when you just want something really light.

2013.03.08 : A new taste! Thai style coconut curry ramen with avocado

I love this because not only is it ramen, but it’s ramen that doesn’t require me to make a broth days in advance (or have to drive to the Eastside). Maa-kun’s fusion dishes are always on-point and pro-eat as fuck.

2013.03.01 : Teriteri oyakodon

Oyakodon is always really good for cold days, or when I’m sick, or both, and this is a great variation on it with basically teriyaki over it (which may not be the thing you want when your stomach is staging a revolution against you, but if you have a cold or just generally have the…

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2013.01.25 : Great burdock tomato stew

A really good stew for cold, rainy winter nights.

2012.12.14 : Delicious twice! Tsuke-yakisoba

This is a super interesting take on one of my favourite foods (yakisoba), and another dish that’s been a favourite, even winning over my mother who generally dislikes Japanese food.

2012.11.16 : Sweet potato gnocchi and tomato cream sauce

Making the gnocchi from scratch is actually a lot more difficult than he makes it look, so definitely give yourself more time than you think you might need. It’s fun, for sure, but a pain in the ass trying to get the dough to be the right consistency.

2012.11.02 : Bari bari fried pork and lotus root

The lotus root gives this a really interesting taste, and the pork shoulder is just pure deliciousness.

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