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2013.12.06 : Tak kalbi

I basically made this exact dish all the time when I lived in Korea. For the broke college student, this is basically mac and cheese: it’s fancier, and it takes a little more work to make, and you’re basically eatin good in the neighbourhood (and it’s definitely not ramen or chimaek for the fiftieth time this month). If you want something that doesn’t take a long time to make, is super easy, and is also yummy (and spicy!), you can’t go wrong with this.

Sakamoto Masayuki’s Tak Kalbi
Recipe type: Main
Cuisine: Korean
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2 servings
  • Squash: 200g (about ¼ of a good-sized one)
  • Ttŏkpokki: 100g
  • Koch’ujang: 2tbsp
  • Sake: 2tbsp
  • Mirin: 2tsp
  • Soy sauce: 1tsp
  • Sugar: ½tsp
  • Ginger: ⅓tsp (grated)
  • Garlic: ¼tsp (grated)
  • Chicken breasts: 1
  • Sesame oil: 1tsp (for the bottom of the pan)
  • Onion: ¼ (cut into 1cm pieces)
  • Cabbage: 150g
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Zap the squash in the microwave for two minutes to soften it, then cut it into 1.5cm pieces
  2. Boil the ttŏkpokki for 1-2 minutes, remove from water, set aside
  3. Add the sake, mirin, soy sauce, sugar, garlic, and ginger to the koch’ujang, mix until it looks fucking delicious
  4. Cut the chicken into big bite-sized pieces, season with salt and pepper
  5. Coat the bottom of the pan in sesame oil, cook the chicken
  6. Add in the squash, cook until softened and done
  7. Add in onions and cabbage, season with salt and pepper to taste
  8. Add in the ttŏkpokki and the sauce, mix until everything is coated.
  9. Eat the shit out of it because tak kalbi is great and super cheap so it’s a win-win all around


2013main dishtak kalbi

tokaikko • November 26, 2014

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