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2014.09.26 : Thai style steamed chicken and rice

Absolutely one of my favourite recipes he’s done. It’s really simple, so even the culinary-challenged among us can do it, since it’s all done in a rice cooker. The chicken comes out super, super flavourful.

2014.01.31 : Spicy pork spare ribs and kimchi

I will never ever get tired of this man cooking Korean food, or talking about how much he’s come to love kimchi. One of us! One of us!

2013.12.06 : Tak kalbi

I basically made this exact dish all the time when I lived in Korea. For the broke college student, this is basically mac and cheese: it’s fancier, and it takes a little more work to make, and you’re basically eatin good in the neighbourhood (and it’s definitely not ramen or chimaek for the fiftieth time…

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2013.11.15 : Yakitori-don

This is one that takes for-fucking-ever to prepare but that’s so goddamn delicious. It definitely works both as a main dish but could totally just be some pre-meal munchies (that’s the inherent beauty of izakaya food).

2013.11.01 : Springy chŏn/chijimi (Korean pancake) with lotus root

This is definitely a different take on chŏn than I’m used to, but it turns out pretty well.

2013.09.13 : Crispy avocado chicken

Let me just tell you how much I love this one. Wait. I can’t, because it’s too much for words. Everything about this is just on-point. I promise that, while the corn flakes may seem a little (a lot) 1950s, they make it yummy (I mean if you don’t like it, you can use just…

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2013.08.30 : Double meat tofu

I don’t really have any comments about this other than that it’s really easy, it’s really delicious, and you’ll love it even if you’re not a huge fan of nature’s sponge, tofu.

2013.08.09 : Pulgogi with iced noodles

I made this at school in Korea but haven’t bothered to make it myself here (because every time we have a bbq, my friends are more than happy to make it in exchange for use of my grill). Maa-kun totally cheats on the sauce, but whatever. If you want to make the sauce from scratch…

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2013.07.26 : Garlic shrimp

I love this one a lot. I had to make it without white wine the first time because I was in Beijing and couldn’t find any cheap ones, but even without it, it was yummy (but it’s more amazing with it).

2013.07.19 : Cold Schezuan noodles

I haven’t actually made this one before. I think I was going to when I was living in Beijing but couldn’t find the torigara soup at the Japanese supermarket near my work (something that still confuses the hell out of me (they probably had it in the Chinese ingredient section but my Chinese is horrible))

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